Voting arrangements for Ocean Mist Residents for the upcoming Federal election

November 10, 2022

Due to the ongoing pandemic, for the 2022 State election the VEC is reducing the number of venues we use for mobile voting in order to reduce the risks associated with in-person visits to high-risk voters. Unfortunately, this means that a VEC mobile voting team will not be visiting Ocean Mist Aged Care in 2022.

The VEC is offering to have Postal Vote Applications (PVAs) delivered to Ocean Mist Aged Care. PVAs can be used by residents, staff, carers, and visitors.

The VEC will aim to deliver the PVAs to Ocean Mist Aged Care as close to the start of the postal voting period (2 November) as possible to give electors the maximum possible amount of time to utilise the service.

Alternative Voting Options: 
Residents have the following four options:  

  • For residents who meet the eligibility criteria, they can register now to become a General Postal Voter. This means they will receive a postal vote once ballot papers become available for the next federal election and all elections moving forward (applications close 23 November 2022)
  • Residents can apply for a once-off postal vote (applications close 23 November 2022)
  • Residents can visit a pre-poll voting centre.  
  • Residents can visit a polling place on election day (Saturday 26 November 2022)  

Can you help a resident to vote? 
You are not expected to assist residents in exercising their right to vote. A voter may choose an assistant (such as a friend or family member) to help complete the ballot papers and envelope according to the voter’s instruction, but the voter must sign the envelope or make a mark as a signature. 

Voters are encouraged to use our online services wherever possible. Please see the links below:

Voting options

Check my enrolment details

General Postal Voter application

Postal Vote Application (online form)

If you have residents who are unable to access online services, paper forms can be downloaded from the following links:

General Postal Voter application form (link to paper form)

Postal Vote Application (link to paper form)

Removal from the electoral roll
There are very limited circumstances in which a person’s name may be removed from the electoral roll. If a person has dementia and they are no longer capable of understanding the nature and significance of enrolment and voting, an Objection claim that an elector should not be enrolled form can be completed. The medical certificate on the form must be completed and signed by a registered medical practitioner.

As per standard practice, political candidates will be provided with a list of establishments that were visited by the AEC mobile polling team at the last Federal Election. Candidates and political parties may also send how to vote material to your establishment, which you can make available to residents if requested.

If you require further support or assistance, please contact the Postal Support team at

For all general enquiries, residents and staff can contact the AEC Election Contact Centre on 13 23 26.
Please inform Ocean Mist aged care via email or in person to Yvette (lifestyle coordinator) if you have removed yourself from the electoral role. This will assist Ocean Mist Aged Care keep our records current and up to date.

Kind Regards,

Ocean Mist Aged Care