COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Outbreak Update

Dear family members, 

As advised, Ocean Mist Aged Care currently has an outbreak of COVID-19. The last case was detected on 29th January, 2022. Since initially advising of the outbreak, we have had a small number of staff and residents that have tested positive with COVID -19. Of those residents and staff that have tested positive all have had their booster vaccinations and been asymptomatic with little symptoms subsequent to returning the positive test. If your family is positive, you will be advised directly and provided with regular updates as to their progress. 

Ocean Mist Aged Care management have measures in place in order to contain this virus. Management alongside staff’s focus is to ensure that we contain this virus, and all residents/staff are safe and kept well informed, alongside family members. We can assure you we are solely focused on your loved ones needs. Lifestyle coordinators focus is to provide one on one emotional and psychological support.

We are in regular contact with governing bodies including the local Public Health Unit, Department of Health and Human Services and WorkSafe. We also have a supportive network of GPs and local health care services to support the needs of the residents.


Keep in Contact- Speak via Facetime/Zoom/ Phone/ Email etc.
If you would like to talk to a resident please email Ocean Mist on to book an appointment Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

Ocean Mist will ensure we keep families regularly updated, via phone/messaging/email/website. The home will also welcome all phone calls and will answer any queries or questions on Ocean Mist Aged Care 5261 6709 contact number.


Essential Visits

The residents were provided with a survey prior to this outbreak occurring to ask what they wish for in the event of a possible COVID-19 outbreak.

The results from the survey demonstrated that:

• Majority of the residents were in favour of lockdown to external visitors

• Majority of the residents did not want visitors if they tested positive for COVID-19

• Majority of the residents were happy to temporarily move rooms; and

• Majority of the residents did not want positive residents to have visitors

Therefore, following guidance from the Department of Health and the residents at Ocean Mist, we will commence a period of lockdown to all visitors until deemed safe to commence visits from outside of the home. An exemption will apply for residents that are palliative.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any further questions or concerns.


Ocean Mist Aged Care